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Privacy policy of personal data

This Privacy Policy fully integrates with the Terms and Conditions offered by Afleur2mains.

Afleur2mains offers wellness care services (hereinafter the "Services") to its customers (hereinafter the "Customers").

Afleur2mains is the Customer Data Processing Manager.

Afleur2mains, concerned about the personal data of the Customer, undertakes to ensure the conformity of the processing operations in its quality of data controller, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 ( the "RGPD").

To do this, Afleur2mains uses a solution compliant with the RGPD and has implemented a strict privacy policy to ensure an optimal level of protection of the data collected from the Customer.

This privacy policy is intended for Customers using the Services offered by Afleur2mains.

The Client is informed that when purchasing a wellness care service from Afleur2Mains, the following personal data about him are collected by telephone when making an appointment, via the website of Afleur2mains (hereinafter the "Site") when creating the personal account of the Customer or at Afleur2mains during the payment of the service or making an appointment:

Last name First Name ;
E-mail adress ;
Telephone number;
Address ;
Gift certificate;
Loyalty card.

The Customer is also informed that the history of its services, appointments and payments is kept by Afleur2mains.

The Customer consents to the processing of the personal data listed above.

The Client is informed that Afleur2mains does not collect any sensitive data within the meaning of the legislation and regulations in force.

The Customer undertakes to communicate only accurate, complete, regularly updated data on his identity and information. Afleur2mains can not in any case engage its responsibility in case of communication of obsolete, illicit or contrary to public order.

Cookies :

Afleur2mains informs the Customer that it deposits cookies or similar technologies for tracing on the Customer's terminal, when the latter consults the Website, and collects the following data:

IP (Internet Protocol) address;
Version of the browser of the terminal used;
On-site course / navigation data;
Operating cookies.
The purposes of processing data collected via cookies and plotters and the management of cookies will be detailed in Article 7.

Afleur2mains collects, processes and stores the data transmitted by the Customer as part of the access to the Services.

In addition, subject to its express acceptance, the Customer may receive direct marketing solicitations from Afleur2mains.

In the event of collection of the personal data of the Customer by telephone or at Afleur2mains, an email of confirmation of the consent will be sent to the Customer.

Thus, Afleur2mains collects and processes the personal data of the Customer only for the strict execution and the optimal use of the Services that it proposes.

The Client is informed that the processing carried out by Afleur2mains also aims to establish statistics on the use of the Services.

Afleur2mains informs the Clients that no personal data will be collected without its express and prior agreement.

Afleur2mains informs the Client that the data are only kept for the duration of the contractual relationship expressly necessary for the purpose of the processing.

As a controller, and in accordance with current legislation and regulations, Afleur2mains agrees to:

Collect data from Afleur2Mains Clients only for the purposes described in Article 2;

Keep a record of treatments;

Put in place all the technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of the treatments carried out;

Restrict access to Customer data to only those persons duly authorized for this purpose;

Sensitize and train staff in data processing;

Guarantee all rights of access, portability, deletion, rectification and opposition of the Customers regarding their data collected during the use of the Services;

Notify the CNIL of any security breach

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